In a world consumed by technology and dominated by digital discourse,
how do you set your actual self apart?

Verbal Communication


At Lumos, we believe that the ability to speak articulately, confidently, and convincingly, whether in a personal setting or in front of an audience, is your biggest asset.

Our mission is to provide Boston-area high school students a positive and supportive learning environment that offers them the resources and guidance to identify their authentic voices, articulate those voices with conviction, and move audiences.

Our warm and experienced teachers, unique exercises, and comprehensive video critiques together create a program that empowers even the most novice and hesitant speakers.

Let’s tell your story.


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Public speaking and verbal communication are critical skills, but in this modern age of technology, they’re lost amongst kids my age (19). Recently, my friends and I have been interviewing for summer internships, and the ones who have been successful have been those with strong verbal communication skills— the skills that allow them to articulate who they are and what they are interested in.
— Matt Snider, Hamilton College Class of 2017
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