Lumos Live Pro

Lumos Live Pro workshops are practical and interactive programs that are custom designed for corporate clients seeking, half-, full-, or two-day training experiences. Ideal for younger employees whose work involves a degree of pitching, presenting, or otherwise performing before groups, our unique curriculum draws on insights from ancient philosophers to contemporary researchers and puts principle into practice with dynamic individual and group exercises.

As experiential learning is at the heart of the workshop, participants should end the program with a heightened sense of confidence and a firsthand understanding of how their own particular voices and bodies can best engage audiences.

Workshop components include:

  • Techniques for effective storytelling
  • Rhetorical strategies to make messages memorable
  • Voice control exercises
  • Training in executive presence
  • Tools for compelling nonverbal communication
  • Tips for managing stress and "nerves"
  • On-the-spot practice through impromptu exercises
  • Individual video critique and analysis
  • Lumos Pro workbook, materials, and evaluation sheet

Lumos Pro sessions are small, with one Lumos coach for every dozen participants.

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