In recognition that students are far busier during the academic year than during the summer, Lumos Focus runs two evenings a week for six weeks. Students can enroll in a fall or spring workshop and expect to learn the same skills taught in the Lightning program. 

Sections of Lumos Focus are slightly larger than Lumos Lightning, and comprise no more than 12 students. Together, Lumos students will review historical and contemporary speeches and speakers in the service of developing their own personal content and style. During two two-hour evening workshops each week, an experienced instructor will lead students through original exercises and facilitate the giving and receiving of constructive live feedback.

By the end of the course, every participant ought to feel both empowered and inspired, armed with the skills and confidence to give voice to their vision and weight to their words.                                           

As with the Lumos Lightning program, Lumos Focus program highlights include:

  • Techniques for effective storytelling
  • Development of rhetorical strategies
  • Voice control exercises
  • Training in nonverbal communication
  • Comprehensive peer and teacher review
  • Video critique and analysis
  • On-the-spot practice through impromptu in-class “speechlets”
  • Three formal, prepared speeches

This course will require homework outside of students’ usual school-day curricula.

Space is limited.

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Studying public speaking not only taught me to write better and write in a way that catches audience attention; it taught me to have courage. I can now speak up in my classes. If I am asked to give a presentation or a speech, I still might get nervous, but I can stand up and do it, and do it well.
— Zita Nagel, Gordon College Class of 2018